Daily Reflection on the Gospel of Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Catoli News

Is there something you want to say to Jesus? The scribes and Pharisees approach him in this passage to make a claim. And what does Jesus do? First, listen to them. Today, Jesus is also listening. He cares what you say. What do you want to say to Jesus? It can be a thank you, a why ?, a why? ... Jesus listens to you with attention, welcomes you, accepts you. And then he answers you. Jesus always answers you when you speak to him. Do you want to hear their response? It is in the Gospel, in the Eucharist and on the cross, in what we live and in what happens to us ... Lord, grant me today to listen to your voice and follow you wherever you take me. Jesus I trust you.

«In the Gospel we see that Jesus respects our path, follows our times, is the Lord of patience, walks by our side, listens to our concerns, knows them. Jesus likes to hear how we speak. It does not speed up the pace: it is your patience. Jesus goes to the rhythm of the slowest person. Jesus listens, then responds, explains, to the extent necessary. We meet Jesus along our way even in our darkest moments: he accompanies us because he wants to find us. That is why we say that the core of Christianity is the encounter with Jesus. »