Daily Reflection on the Gospel of Sunday, August 21, 2022

Catoli News

Today, the Gospel raises the theme of the salvation for our souls. This is the essence of Christ’s message and the “supreme law of the Church” (in fact, this is also mentioned like that by the very Code of Canon Law). The salvation of our soul is an actual fact insofar a gift from God, but for those of us that have not yet crossed the threshold of death, is only a possibility. To be saved or to be damned to hell! That is, to accept or to reject God's everlasting offer of love.

St. Augustine said «the man who self-annihilated his goodness, which could have been eternal, deserved the eternal damnation». We have only two possibilities in our life: either God or the void, for without God nothing has any meaning. In this sense, when they do not participate of the essence of God, life, death, joy, pain, love, etc., are just concepts without any logic. When the man sins, he avoids the Creator's glance to center it upon himself. God is constantly looking at the sinner with love, and in order not to force his freedom, He expects a minimum gesture of been willing to get back to him.

«Lord, is it true that few people will be saved?» (Lk 13:23). Christ does not respond to this question. Therefore, it remained unanswered, just as it is today, for «it is an inscrutable mystery between the saintliness of God and the conscience of man. The silence of the Church is, therefore, Christians' only opportune position» (John Paul II). The Church does not state any opinion about those who dwell in hell, but —basing itself in Christ's words— it does state an opinion about its existence and the fact there will be many damned in the Final Judgment. And whoever denies this, whether clerical or lay, incurs, without further ado, in heresy.

We are free to turn the stare of our soul towards the Savior, and we are also free to stick to our refusal. Our death will simply petrify our option forever.