Daily Reflection on the Gospel of Sunday October 9, 2022

Catoli News

Today, once again, we may substantiate how our attitude of faith may stir up Jesus Christ's heart. The fact is that some lepers, overcoming the social dislike they all suffered, and quite boldly too, came to meet Jesus and —we could say in quotation marks— coerced him with their trustworthy petition: «Jesus, Master, have pity on us!» (Lk 17:13).

Jesus' reaction is immediate and sudden: «Go and show yourselves to the priests» (Lk 17:14). He, who is the Lord, shows his power, for «as they went their way, they found they were cured» (Lk 17:14).

This attests that the measure of Christ's miracles is, precisely, the measure of our faith and confidence in God. What else are we to do —poor creatures— in front of God, but trust him? But with an operative faith, that forces us to abide by God's wishes. A minimum of common sense will suffice to understand that «nothing is too difficult to believe in if referring to He, whom nothing is too difficult for» (Blessed J. H. Newman). If do not see more miracles is because we do not really “obligate” our Lord, lacking confidence and obedience to him. As St. John Crysostom said, «little faith can achieve a lot».

And, a flood of joy and gratitude crowned that faith in God when, «one of them, as soon as he saw he was cleansed, turned back praising God in a loud voice, and throwing himself on his face before Jesus, he gave him thanks» (Lk 17:15-16).

But..., what a shame! Out of ten benefiting from that great miracle, only one came back. How ungrateful are we when we so easily forget that all we have comes from God and that we owe everything to him! Let us resolve to oblige him from now on while demonstrating our gratitude and faith in him.