Daily Reflection on the Gospel of Sunday, May 14, 2023

Catoli News

Today, Jesus —as He previously did with his disciples— is leaving us. He is going back to the Father to be glorified. This seemed to sadden his disciples who were always looking at him with that physical, human gaze, that only believes in, accepts and clings to whatever can be seen and touched. This feeling of his followers, that can also be appreciated in many of today's Christians, makes our Lord to avow that «I will not leave you orphans» (Jn 14:18), for He will ask the Father to send us «another Paraclete» (Helper, Intercessor: Jn 14:16), «the Spirit of truth» (Jn 14:17); furthermore, even if the world will not “see” him, «you will see me because I live and you will also live» (Jn 14:19). Thus, trusting and understanding these words of Jesus will, in the true disciple, kindle that kind of love, that will be clearly shown through “keeping his commandments” and “observing them” (cf. Jn 14:21). Even more so: whoever lives this way, will also be loved by the Father, and He —the Son— shall love his steadfast disciple and will show himself clearly to him (cf. Jn 14:21).

How many words of fostering, trust and promise reach out this Sunday to us! In the midst of our daily worries —when our Heart is overwhelmed by the shadows of doubt, of despair and of weariness for all those things that seem to have no solution at all or that have reached a blind alley— Jesus urges us on to feel that He is always present and to realize that He is alive and loves us, while, at the same time, He guarantees to whoever firmly decides to live and abide by His commandments, to show himself in the plenitude of the new and resurrected life.

Today, He appears alive and present before us, in the teachings of the Scriptures that we listen to, and in the Eucharist that we shall receive. —Make your response to be that of a new life that surrenders to the appalling reality of his commandments, in particular that of loving.